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The Woman From Olle Road : 올레길 그 여자

Talented pianist, Kim Young Joo… Congressman, Park Chan Gook… unemployed, Ko Byung Tae… a story of two men and one woman who are involved in a political scandal and the race of an island reporter who wants to be the first with the story.  Set in the beautiful countryside of Jeju Island, The Woman from Olle Road is another release from the second season of KBS Drama Specials.

… do you know the meaning of Olle Road?
It means a long and narrow road that connects your house to the village.
As long as that road exists, we are not alone. As we walk that road, that beautiful village will appear. And there we will meet people and love.
As long as the road doesn’t end, love will not end…

The Woman From Olle Road is the 6th installment of KBS Drama Specials, Season 2


Park Jeong Ah as Kim Young Joo
Kim Dong Wuk/Wook as Goo Woo Ram
Ko Se Won as Ko Byung Tae
Dok go Yeong Jae as Congressman Park Chan Gook
Lee Bo Hee as Oh Myung Hwa, the Congressman’s wife
Kim Min Hee as The editor-in-chief , ‘Sunday Jeju Journal’

Producer in Charge: Choi Ji Young
Producer: Hahm Young Hoon, Kwon Gye Hong
Director: Jin Hyung Wook
Screenplay: Jung Hyun Min


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